Friday, May 19, 2017

Why haven't I been posting.

Hey, Jammers!
It has been nearly TWO MONTHS. I MISSED YOU GUYS!!! 😢

Truth is, I didn't know I'd be gone. If I did, then I'd tell you guys. But what I did was just... I don't know, rude?

I joined my schools swim team this year. Which is partially why I was gone. The second part was I tried out for MS varsity (my school's varsity swim team) and I MADE IT!! 

Practice kept me held up for not one, but two hours. I ended up not going home until 5:30, and plus, I had a ton of homework. That left about zero time for blogging.

Fortunately, for YOU guys, swim team is ending soon, so expect me back soon.

(ps, what new things have been added to Jamaa? I feel like I missed soo much!)

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