Monday, July 3, 2017

Why the 1000 Pet Inventory is Kinda Dumb

Hey, Jams!
Welcome back to a post on the AJSB!

Today, I'm going to talk about the recent space upgrade in AJ, the 1000 pets for all.
It's unnecessary.
There are 70 pets in Animal Jam. Realistically, you'd have two or three of each species, so that would equal about 150 pets in your inventory. That means you have about 850 extra spaces.

It mocks non-members.
Non-members only are able to own a fraction of the 70 pets. They can only have 8 of those 70 pets. Let's say they buy ten to twelve of each pet, so that would equal about 100 pets. They have 900 extra slots, and those extra spaces would only contain the same eight pets, whereas the members can have 70 different pets. 

It could potentially make the game laggy.
According to the AJ Stats website, there are 139 MILLION PLAYERS playing Animal Jam. Now, imagine every single account with 1000 pets. Let's calculate that, shall we?
Now, I bet we can all agree that this will make the game laggy.

That about wraps up this post Jams!
Let me know if you guys like these types of posts, as I will do more!
COMMENT CALL: What do you think about the 1000 pet inventory??

(p.s: The Jamaa Herald is back up! It is opening with a new contest! Click the link below to view the blog! Thank you guys in advance! <3

Friday, June 30, 2017


Hey guys! 

My last post (whether you saw it yet or not) was kinda depressing, and after thinking about it, this community is too amazing to leave.

I changed my name to The Artistic Weeabo and I'm not sure if I like it, but just keep in mind its me. 

So I have swim practice in the wee hours of the morning and occasional marching band practice, so that leaves me with a lot of spare time to create blog posts!

That about wraps up the post guys! Happy Friday!

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Trying to Art

Hello friends!

I've been doing a lot more digital art lately and I'm starting to feel pretty good about it. I admittedly haven't been practicing as much as I'd hoped to but I am starting to feel more comfy with using the drawing tablet. I'm by no means any good at drawing but I just need some practice!

Here's something I've drawn:

It's based off of a YouTube tutorial so the idea is totally not mine!! I sadly can't find the video anymore to link to it but if you do find the video please let me know so I can give credit to the artist.

Anyway yeah, that was just a bit of an update since I haven't posted in ages. I feels really good to be writing a post again.

Friday, May 19, 2017

Why haven't I been posting.

Hey, Jammers!
It has been nearly TWO MONTHS. I MISSED YOU GUYS!!! 😢

Truth is, I didn't know I'd be gone. If I did, then I'd tell you guys. But what I did was just... I don't know, rude?

I joined my schools swim team this year. Which is partially why I was gone. The second part was I tried out for MS varsity (my school's varsity swim team) and I MADE IT!! 

Practice kept me held up for not one, but two hours. I ended up not going home until 5:30, and plus, I had a ton of homework. That left about zero time for blogging.

Fortunately, for YOU guys, swim team is ending soon, so expect me back soon.

(ps, what new things have been added to Jamaa? I feel like I missed soo much!)

Monday, May 8, 2017


apparently those last posts were posted out of order, haha, but the surprise was the new blog!! i hope you all will enjoy it. :-)

Sunday, May 7, 2017

An Apology + What's Happening on the AJSB

Hey friends!! Long time no see, am I right?

Right off the bat I'd like to thank you all for sticking around throughout this long period of inactivity. I haven't forgotten about any of you guys or the blog. It's a busy time in my life right now and writing posts for an Animal Jam blog just isn't that high on my priorities at the moment. That doesn't mean that the AJSB isn't important to me, it just means I've got to finish other things up before I can continue posting regularly.

I'm so so sooo sorry about this. I hope you're all planning on sticking around. The future of this blog will be great.

There were many things I said I would do, but I wasn't able to fulfill my promises with most of them. I acknowledge this and I'm extremely sorry.

The current contest is going to be cancelled until further notice.

The "surprise" I mentioned earlier this year will be released TOMORROW. I am done putting this off.

"100 Little Things" is going great! Please add more comments if you have any positive thoughts pop in your head.

A.S.I.T.T will be updated later on. I'm sorry for the delay.

Hope this helps to clear things up a bit. I love you all and it feels so great to be writing again.

We Are Jamaa: The Beginning of the World's Largest Animal Jam Community

Hello Jammers!

Welcome to my blog. If you're new here, this is a great time to be joining us! If you're not new here, welcome back; it's time for that surprise I've been talking about (for ages) to be revealed!

We Are Jamaa is a brand new Animal Jam blog that I have created, and every single Jammer has the opportunity to write for it!

Most Jammers find themselves starting a new blog and being instantly disappointed when nobody reads it. It takes time, but your blog will be noticed!

Think of this blog as a way for beginning writers (or experienced ones) to start fresh. The blog will look great once there are more posts and I hope to turn this into the Animal Jam blog with the most authors ever!

Write any posts you'd like (so long as they're appropriate) and share them with others! Give writing tips, display your art, have discussions in the comments, etc.

It's going to be lots of fun!! If you want to become an author for the blog please let me know either here or on .

The site is still under construction so it isn't quite looking its best yet. Please keep that in mind before criticizing the layout.

Ciao for now~