Monday, July 3, 2017

Why the 1000 Pet Inventory is Kinda Dumb

Hey, Jams!
Welcome back to a post on the AJSB!

Today, I'm going to talk about the recent space upgrade in AJ, the 1000 pets for all.
It's unnecessary.
There are 70 pets in Animal Jam. Realistically, you'd have two or three of each species, so that would equal about 150 pets in your inventory. That means you have about 850 extra spaces.

It mocks non-members.
Non-members only are able to own a fraction of the 70 pets. They can only have 8 of those 70 pets. Let's say they buy ten to twelve of each pet, so that would equal about 100 pets. They have 900 extra slots, and those extra spaces would only contain the same eight pets, whereas the members can have 70 different pets. 

It could potentially make the game laggy.
According to the AJ Stats website, there are 139 MILLION PLAYERS playing Animal Jam. Now, imagine every single account with 1000 pets. Let's calculate that, shall we?
Now, I bet we can all agree that this will make the game laggy.

That about wraps up this post Jams!
Let me know if you guys like these types of posts, as I will do more!
COMMENT CALL: What do you think about the 1000 pet inventory??

(p.s: The Jamaa Herald is back up! It is opening with a new contest! Click the link below to view the blog! Thank you guys in advance! <3


  1. The 1000 pet inventory is irritating. Xd I am nm I am not even done with 10pets.

  2. These points make sense, I'm probably the only Jammer in the world when I saw the 1000 pets XD (because collecting pets is my hobby lol)

  3. AHh, your blog is so good and so are your facts!!!


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