Thursday, May 17, 2018

To q1zx

Hey everyone.

I was messing around online the other day and saw some email notifications for this blog. I know it's been "dead" for a pretty long time now, so I guess they sorta stood out to me.

q, the post you wrote is the reason I kept you as an author here.
I thought maybe you'd come back one day and be able to look back on all this.

This blog had been a huge part of my life since early 2014. You're one of the few people that was here from the start. I've quit over time as well and I no longer have a YouTube channel. It blows my mind that something that was so important to me could become abandoned so quickly, but it did.
I was considering deleting this blog, too, but I kept it in hopes that someone would find it and take a look at all the memories we've had these past 4 years.

I think as you read through my older posts you can see how I'm gradually becoming more inactive and more drawn to real-life events. It's bittersweet but happens to all of us over time.
I have an insane amount of things going on in my life right now and I just can't see myself posting on a regular basis again.

Thank you so much. Knowing that this blog was a big part of someone else's childhood means everything to me. I'm so glad I got to share that with you and the other authors here :)

Until next time xx

Sunday, May 13, 2018

Hello Again

Why the heck do I still have permission to post?
This is the story about me, q1zx. If you remember me that's really cool. I'm not about to go and find dates, but all of this happened around four-five years ago. A LONG time ago.

It all started on another blog, the Animal Jam Sky Blog, one of the biggest blogs in AJ history, and they had a "More Blogs" tab, in which I found this blog.

2Fangwolf had sort of started out, and I remember they were posting stories, AJ information, and the blog was really new, but had content and she was doing well on her own.

And I remember REALLY wanting to join.

I don't want to go into specifics too much, it was so long ago I might make something up, but I asked 2Fangwolf to join, I know that. And they said to wait... Just to see what happens... I think...?

Not sure. EVENTUALLY, I got into this blog, and I was an author for the Animal Jam Sunshine Blog. I was really excited, and totally unprepared to do this. Not saying my age, but I was young... I was innocent... I was dumb... But I loved to write.

First week, as opposed to starting strong for a week, and then quitting like most YouTubers do, I went strong. And it changed my LIFE. Here's what I would do:

I would wake up around 5:20, sometimes 5:00 if I was frisky that morning, and I would get to blogging. I would go to 6:30, maybe earlier or later, posting. I remember one person saying that it was amazing, we would post before the Animal Jam Spirit Blog, an amazing blog that's now relocated, but we would post before mostly any blog.

I was limited in the fact that I was nonmember though, I got my first membership a year later, way after I stopped posting... I couldn't post each color variant, back then nonmembers were confined to the default color. I couldn't show off a lot of new things, new animals...

Scooter Sunny Rabbit, that was back when your username did not show up on the bar, and that blue bunny with the moon hat was me... Speaking of which...

When I joined the blog, 2Fangwolf gave me a gift, a Moon Hat. I got offered for it, I thought it was really rare, but in reality, it came out in the Summer Carnival that summer and it was back. I still kept it though because I loved it.

And then... One day I traded it.

Just kidding. I still have it, and it has a rare mark now! I will never trade this item, I love it... I get his with nostalgia. But basically, by the look of my outfit in that post, you can see I'm wasn't the rarest. (I still am poor lol)

But read that post. You can see the randomness of my posts. I would also write and orientate everything to the middle, as opposed to the left. Those were good times. I'm not sure how popular the blog was after I left, and I truly left without warning, and I'm sorry... I remember there was a header, AJ Sunshine Blog, and it had two names, 2Fangwolf, and q1zx. Those were the good times for me. And regardless on what happened after, we did have prosperity during that time. We had daily commenters. And while it was mostly 2Fangwolf, I was doing a lot, posting earlier in the morning than anyone...

My posts were usually random, you can try and find some old ones, and they usually compiled of many, many photos, brief sentences, lots of XD and :D and emoticons, and was usually formatted weirdly. And that's because I was doing something very silly.

Everytime I wanted to take a picture of something, I would do command, shift, three, and screenshot. And then I'd go online an hour later, load all of my photos (sometimes I would have dozens of photos), manually crop them, and then load them onto the blog, organize them, and then put captions. The posts were usually out of order, and merely just photo, caption, photo caption...

But I would have content, I would never just post the new item. I would put in whatever I saw was interesting, so sometimes I would have posts about, like, can you break the bridge in coral canyons, or it would just be like, how's your day? Lol.

It was great. I did it for at least six months. Almost every day. 2Fangwolf made me a signature too, which is shown below. I usually put -q1zx :), but then I started putting this. Took me a while to find. But I always put Jam On, I think.

I also had another blog with this one, Evan the Snow Leopard. The Animal Jam Sky Blog had a plushie comic and I just wanted my own. It's extremely cringey, but feel free to look around a bit.
Only six issues, I got lazy, lol.

Now why did I quit? I quit without warning, I just stopped posting. Real life took over, which isn't an excuse, but it's my reason. Am I coming back? It would be fun to, probably not, but I might post a bit while I'm at it. I was shocked to see that I could still post. Some of my olds posts... What would happen is I would include every screenshot I took, so I'd take screenshots of something, forget why I did it, and make something up.

Woah, look, it's a queen! Like the band!
But hey, I'm still friends with 2Fangwolf. WAIT, it's supposed to be a lowercase F? Whatevs.

I honestly miss posting. It was so cool to show off my blog, even though I never had any friends who played Animal Jam, it was really hard to keep playing Animal Jam because no one else in real life did, and it made me introverted... It still does, I shouldn't have friends online, they should be in real life, but I do miss it. I used to get up SO early... How did I do it...?

2fangwolf, you are amazing, I look at this blog and it's incredible. Thank you for not kicking me. I might make an email to contact people.

Lastly, I was on Animal Jam today, and the only reason I'm writing this is violet86271. They've been on Animal Jam all this time, and they reminded me what I missed, and they're the reason for this post.

They also have a blog at, sorry to 2fangwolf for promoting other blogs, but this is a blogger who's been posting for FOUR YEARS.

Just noticed that Evan the Snow Leopard is still linked on the left side. Thanks for everything, 2fangwolf. This blog was a part of my childhood, and while I'm not necessarily a mature intellect yet, it's a happy memory. I might come back... If I do, I'll probably make a new account, and email, but I might start something... Not sure.

Hey, thanks for reading. I know you're not supposed to say that, but I am. Thank you.
This is q1zx signing out. Jam on!

P. S. I might post more... I do have some Animal Jam stories still in my head to share before they fade away... Should probably make my own blog, but I love this blog... Wow...

P. P. S. Whether you remember me, or weren't on this blog four years ago... Feel free to comment. I'd love to meet you.

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Halloween '17

Happy Halloween Sunbeams!! 🎃

It's been so long since I've posted, sorry!! I thought I at LEAST had to stop by and wish you all a happy Halloween, though, so here I am!
Can you believe this blog has been around for so long that we've had Halloween posts every year since 2014? That's 3 years of posts..!

How did you guys celebrate today? If you don't celebrate Halloween, what's something you're looking forward to celebrating?

Talk to you all soon xx.

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Rough Times

Hey Sunbeams!

I know I apologize all the time and I know you must be tired of hearing it. I'm moving and it's been really hard for me. I'm a very nostalgic person so the idea of leaving this place full of so many memories behind just doesn't settle well for me. I usually write posts here to give you advice, but I was thinking that maybe this time you could give me some advice?

Have any of you ever moved away from your friends? What did you do to help get through it?

If you could help me out at all I would appreciate it so so much. You guys have been with me through it all and I'm forever grateful for that.

With love, Fang 💓

Saturday, September 2, 2017


Hey Sunbeams! ☀

I'm here to make a special announcement which you've probably already guessed by the title of this post. That's right; the AJSB has reached 150k views!

I obviously couldn't have done this without you guys. I'm thinking of maybe hosting a contest in celebration of this milestone since I missed 100k views. Would you be interested in this?

Thank you so much for all of your support throughout the years and for sticking around when I've been on hiatus. It really means a lot.

I also am aware I need to update the story I've been writing (A.S.I.T.T). It has been so long since I've done this and I'm very sorry, I feel terrible.

Talk to you soon, guys!

Song of the Day: Vowels - Hunny
Movie of the Day: License to Drive (1988)

Friday, September 1, 2017

Back and [Almost] Better Than Ever!

Hello hello!

Oh my gosh, I've missed this place so so much!! What would you guys like to see here on the blog? I've sorted out some personal things in real life and I think I'll be able to start posting somewhat regularly again. <3

Monday, July 3, 2017

Why the 1000 Pet Inventory is Kinda Dumb

Hey, Jams!
Welcome back to a post on the AJSB!

Today, I'm going to talk about the recent space upgrade in AJ, the 1000 pets for all.
It's unnecessary.
There are 70 pets in Animal Jam. Realistically, you'd have two or three of each species, so that would equal about 150 pets in your inventory. That means you have about 850 extra spaces.

It mocks non-members.
Non-members only are able to own a fraction of the 70 pets. They can only have 8 of those 70 pets. Let's say they buy ten to twelve of each pet, so that would equal about 100 pets. They have 900 extra slots, and those extra spaces would only contain the same eight pets, whereas the members can have 70 different pets. 

It could potentially make the game laggy.
According to the AJ Stats website, there are 139 MILLION PLAYERS playing Animal Jam. Now, imagine every single account with 1000 pets. Let's calculate that, shall we?
Now, I bet we can all agree that this will make the game laggy.

That about wraps up this post Jams!
Let me know if you guys like these types of posts, as I will do more!
COMMENT CALL: What do you think about the 1000 pet inventory??

(p.s: The Jamaa Herald is back up! It is opening with a new contest! Click the link below to view the blog! Thank you guys in advance! <3