Thursday, May 8, 2014

Greely Tiki Statue

No new update on the JJ today! That's interesting! I guess the Jamaa Journal only updates once and a while.
Tons of Tikis are available, buy them all!
Another new Tiki Statue for your collection!
Pink had also talked about that yesterday. Now we wait for more...
The newest of the Tiki Statue "collection"
 Some random things happening in Jamaa:
Gosh, that's really something to brag about.
No duh!
You can get suspended is obvious ways...
Well if SCAM is their username, that's telling you something right there..
Or not obvious ways...
 Then someone said, "BUGS GUFFY!"
What do you think that means?
Ok then?
 This Jammer was going around Jamaa Township asking for a non member pirate sword or a bow. She's pretty desperate to get her paws on one.
Crasher tries to get a new bow or sword through trade.
 A big trading commotion in Coral Canyons...
 Very interesting.
Phantoms are so cute.. what? DONT JUDGE MEH
Mystery: When Greely is on the loading screen, there are phantoms. Do phantoms always have six legs? Some drawings they don't. It's hard to tell because there are so many photos, games, and other stuff with phantoms. It's a mystery... and most pictures they look ugly, but in this one they are kind of cute...
Shine on! -q1zx :)

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