Thursday, November 13, 2014

Is It Rare: Head Feather and Headdress [Updated 5/30/16]

Hey Jammers!
I'm back with yet another "Is It Rare" post!

Someone asked how high-up on the rarity scale a head feather is. Let's find out!

'Bout a 5 1/2 or 6. Pretty rare although not the best!

Now, let's see how rare a headdress is..

Almost a 9! Wow! That's rare!
Btw, the "rare headdress" is NOT rarer. It was a Rare Item Monday item, which means it is not as valuable.

Alrighty, thanks for visiting the blog! I hope to see you soon! Bye =)


  1. I didn't realize how rare head feathers were i thgouht they would Atleast be like a 3 but I guess not many JAMMERS have them so YA

    1. Ha, I thought the same. c;

      I have one.. I think. XD

    2. I heard headdresses and head feathers are the same, I emailed ajhq some say head feathers are rarer because nearly as many people have them. Don't hate on me for this, just stuff i saw and was told. Maybe ajhq thinks that but i believe it.

    3. Yeah i have a head feather its blue and red with the black and white feather. I got it about a year and a half ago so i dont remember what i traded for it. maybe three rims and a silver spike wristband? I dont know but i think it was somewhere around there. Another note= the necklace is NOT the rarest item in the game. It is the Nat Geo "cool banner". Dont hate me but i still watch Julian2. So yeah thats about all..... Bye!

  2. That was one of my first items..! (head feather)

  3. NICE, i have 2 head feathers, im willing to trade for headdress along with scary bat wings, im awesomesnowyfox168, jamagram me if deal!

  4. in the next rareity scale can you do rare jolly elf hat?

  5. I traded a green long wrist and a rare medusa mask for an orange head feather. Was it an overtrade on my part? And also is it worth a rare headdress along with a black short wristband?

  6. I will trade an orange head feather glitched nerd glasses tan straw hat two worns one rare bow one purple bow two pink bows two fountains four firepits and a rose bush for a rare item monday headdress. Jag me if it's a deal! My username is sugargliders101

  7. I am trying to collect them my user is dixie360
    jag if you want to trade with me

  8. I thought headfeathers were RAAAAAAAAARE O.O

  9. I thought my light pink nonmember rare headfeather was rare :(


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